We are in amazing times — the whole world is home more than ever right now! The good news is, that cooked up right, your health and peace of mind can reap massive benefits. The bad news is, that every day might be an endless cycle of spinning your wheels and wondering what’s for dinner, juggling work and kid demands, cooking without a plan and cleaning endless dirty dishes. To streamline things, you’ve tried meal delivery, gourmet make-it yourself kits, take-out. Are you just a bit tired of it all? Here’s your chance to uplevel your health and cooking experience: Now. Pleasurably. Convenient. Confident. Time-saving. Nutrition-boosting. De-toxifying. Delicious. Soul-soothing. This is the NEW way to invest in your family by loving yourself.


My name is Marcie – I’m the founder of Marcie Prohofsky’s Orgasmic Kitchen, a boutique wellness company where you will find a cauldron full of supportive solutions for your whole being.

I’ve been down my own road of overwhelm around: time, cooking, debilitating health issues, and depriving myself of good self-care and spiritual wellness. I am here to help you feed your body and spirit well, by connecting your life to pleasure with:

life & spiritual coaching

health & nutrition mentorship

game-changing kitchen equipment

curated recipes & cooking mentorship