Going out to eat…

has become boring, dissatisfying. You feel uninspired and lethargic.

marcieprohofsky4Something inside you knows that pre-packaged foods and the hot bar at the local health food store, even though seemingly healthy, are not the answer.

You’ve tried all the home delivery meals, the gourmet make-it yourself meals in a box.

And it’s not just the repetition of flavor, the confusion with what to eat & what not to eat, the crazy-making over-consumption of plastic containers nor the drain on your bank account, it’s actually that you no longer feel nourished.  

You can feel it. It’s empty.  You’re empty. Hungry for more. But you feel like you don’t have the time? That you don’t know what to make?  Or how to make it…

What if right now you whispered to that inner you, who’s been howling “what’s for dinner?”, who is thirsty to live out loud, who craves to express herself, freely & fully, who wants to play the piano before breakfast, as a prayer, who yearns to stroll on the beach, and wink at life… 

what if you said to her, now: “I hear you. I’m going get this figured out. I love you. Tell me, What do you want?” 

And what if she said back, this EXACT RECIPE, as your roadmap: “Slow down. Nourish me. Cook for me.” 

It’s time. To love yourself more. To take your time, and ooze in life’s pleasures, even if you don’t have a clue how.  You know it’s true. And long overdue. Before you get sick. 

My name is Marcie – I’m the founder of Orgasmic Kitchen and I’ve been down this road of confusion around food, illness and denial of my heart’s desire. fullsizerenderAnd I am back, here to help you connect nutrition to pleasure and to assure you that: 

I got you. We’ll do it together. Baby steps. Meal by meal. Step by step. Thought by thought.  

To go after your soul’s desires. To feel enlivened. And in the flow.  

This is the DELISH-US revolution.  

Let’s get cookin’. Now. Together. NEW ways to love yourself.  

If you’re ready. I’m here. With open arms.