WOW! Do you feel the pressure of cooking more than ever during these Covid times? You’ve tried home meal delivery, gourmet make-it yourself kits. Going out to eat is not really an option right now…unless it’s take-out.


Something inside you knows that take out, pre-packaged foods, and the (previously) accessible hot bar at the local health food store, even though seemingly “good” for you, are not the answers. Deep down, you understand that what you eat and cook may be the very thing that keeps you safe and healthy from this pandemic. What you didn’t also know is that your cooking methods are likely minimizing the nutrient content of your food AND your cookware may be leaching chemicals and heavy metals into your food and compromising your health. (Yeah, there are no regulations in cookware in the USA. WHAT? More on that later.)

All of this can feel overwhelming, especially if you’ve never really learned how to cook, are juggling working from home AND homeschooling, or are shifting diet protocols – like switching from a meat-dominant diet to eating more veggies and you don’t know how to transfer your inventive cooking skills so that cooking feels inspired and manageable again.

My name is Marcie – I’m the founder of Orgasmic Kitchen, a master life coach, healthy foods chef and culinary educator. I’ve been down this road of overwhelm around time, feeding and cooking for myself, having diet-related health issues, and denying my self-care. fullsizerenderAnd I am back, here to help you connect cooking to pleasure with curated recipes, culinary technology, time-saving tools and cookware, and shifting resistance and mental so that you can rest assured that: 

You can do this. Step by step. Meal by meal. And best of all, have peace of mind, greater confidence, and more energy for the other things in life that need your time and clear attention.

Let’s get cookin’. Now. Together. Healthy. Pleasurable. Convenient. Confident. Time-saving. Nutrition-boosting. Delicious. Bad-Ass.
This is the NEW way to love yourself.