Tony Robbins on the ART OF FULFILLMENT

Decision is the ultimate power.

With the right emotion we can do anything.

And the right emotion for me to give up lamb chops for the next 4 months is to be experiencing the joys of surround sound by regaining my hearing.

Actually, what I want is new and improved hearing. Because, when I lost it, I wasn’t listening…

I’m on an adventure to heal myself through food. I’ve done this before, more in the shape of healing my relationship to my body, sensuality, and with food.  When I was about 14…I started on a rollercoaster ride of diets that ended in bulimia and anorexia…these were painfully isolated, insecure and doubt-laden times. Being present with another person was nearly impossible. Trusting my decisions was agonizing.

And now, thankfully, more than 20 years later, I’m so far on the other side of this, that the attention on it is deeply in service of luring anyone suffering from unhealthy relationships to food and bodies, whose health is compromised to cross the bridge.

The Orgasmic Kitchen awaits…I’m calling you…my sisters, lovers, mothers, girlfriends, (and men) who haven’t felt confident or empowered; and so to abuse the body with food is a form of control and coping, hiding, lying, fear, in bed with perfection and shame.

We can heal. With time, love, and commitment to eating right for us.

At 40, my body image the healthiest it’s ever been–as in, I know I’m hot!–my current journey is to heal my hearing. Really, I’m currently, very hearing impaired.

Which is not surprise since I used to not listen to myself. There are other reasons that I could give as to why I have lost my hearing until now on my right side and why I suffered from vertigo intermittently. Except those would clearly be speculation…dependent on the theory or the doctor or the healer.

What I do know, is that I want to hear again–despite the varied advantages I’ve come to find in being mono-hearinged (i know, that’s not a word)…like when it’s noisy and I want to sleep, I just lie on my left side, the hearing side and it all goes away. Plus saves money on ear plugs too. 🙂

So, I’ve embarked on a healing diet, that is entirely vegetarian…40% grains and 50% veggies and 5% beans, the other 5% other stuff I’ll tell you about later.

Veggies NOW, lamb chops later. And HEARING coming to a theatre near you.

Under the guidance of Kaare Bursell who wrote “The End of Medicine”: For the first time, I have promise of restored hearing by someone who has travelled the path before me… he regained his hearing (also on the right side) and has guided thousands of people to heal their health (cancer, excema, amongst other conditions) through a cleansing diet. Most ENT’s (ear docs)  have been dead-ends promising little hope, but happy nonetheless to write prescriptions to cope with the symptoms of vertigo or hearing loss. And well,  I’m sorry to say that acupunturists and chiropractors have been head-scratching too.  And Kaare…certain.

I’m willing to borrow his faith. Cuz hope alone hasn’t yet done the trick.

Sometime’s that’s what we need….to “borrow faith”.  Can you think now back to a time when you borrowed faith from someone else?

And perhaps this is part of the Art of Fulfillment…borrowing faith from those who have traveled the road before us, who believe when when we doubt, who see what we yet can’t.

And to then serve by being the lender…to offer faith…and a new perspective is a double dose of fulfillment. Yes?

So, I’m committed! I’m ready to hear again, to listen…to my instincts, to my truth, to the one that says “go for it”; ready to listen to you, about your healing, your pleasure and what you want.

So I bring you–new ways of cooking, eating, healing and nourishing.

And I’m curious…

If you could heal anything, what would that be?

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