It’s The End of The Cleanse as We Know It…

And I’ll be fine….

Well, hopefully.

So, here’s the deal. I’m on month 2 of my 4 month macrobiotic cleanse, which consists mostly of cooked grains and veggies. I’m actually really enjoying it, the simple eating, getting close with the veggies, grains, miso, raw sauerkraut, seaweed–lots of subtelties in the veggie world. Which I love!!!!


NOW the fact is, my housemate, just got off of her cleanse today, so now our fridge and cupboards are filling up with all sorts of tasty temptations.

Organic Muesli, dates, homemade cashew milk, and ketchup and russian dressing for tempeh rueben sandwiches…silky chocolate mousse!  OH MAN!!!!

It’s gonna be torture and high sensation in the Orgasmic Kitchen now that she’s through.

Well, once my hearing is restored from the cleanse, my OOOORRRRRGASM will be at a whole new level!    That’s why I say, …”Orgasm takes a lickin’ butit keeps on tickin’!”  Really!, there is no end to the big O, only pit-stops…

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