Orgasmic Kitchen goes to BB King

Each summer the bay area has concerts at local vineyards. Tis the season!

And at the Saratoga Mountain Winery last night, we had BB King, daddy of the blues and orgasmic music maker.  I sent my feisty Orgasmic Kitchen fairies, Marissa and Youssef to make movies. I love my FLIP video camera.

Check back later today, to view charm and sass and orgasmic experiences with community, gorgeous scenery and fabulous flavors featuring:

Vegan Silken chocolate mousse and Rueben Sandwiches.

Dessert first!

In the meantime, check out this old footage of BB from 1968, singin’ bout LOVE!

Notice how in the first song he takes us on a fast groovin’ ride, building energy and then the 2nd song, brings us down, slows us down, with more grounding heavy bass…this is the energy of orgasm. Up Down, UP DOWN, DOWN>>>>>>DOOOOWWWWNNNN….

Take you up, bring you down..A series of peaks…and valleys, one building on the previous, informing the next. This is orgasm.

We do it all day long, in the way we deliver story, go through a cycle with preparing food, slow chopping carrots, then adding them to heat in a boiling pot, to peaking when the veggies are perfectly all dente, then rinsing them in cold water to stop the cooking process, then cooling them, before slow plating the food, serving it, connecting with the colors and textures and eyes and energy of guests and then the first bite and YUM! the 69th peak in the process of cooking.

Cuz of course, there’s the orgasm of planting, growing, picking, delivering, buying, unpacking and appreciating the food.

Notice just for today, how there are moments that bring you up, and then bring you down. Grab a pencil and jot those moments down. Because life is orgasm. And Orgasm is life.

Now the quest is: TO COME DOWN IN PLEASURABLE WAYS. Like slow dancin’ to BB’s song vs. an argument with your lover.  And then again, there are the peaks and valleys of the make-up sex.

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