I am Sweet and Salty, Pt. 2


You’ve got to try this out! Sweet and Salty dessert heaven.

HOLY Frickin’ ORGASM, Batman!!!!
Short cut: go to Cafe Gratitude and order vanilla ice cream, or better yet their ice cream sundae that has caramel and/or chocolate sauce.

Order a side of TERIYAKI ALMONDS.

Eat the almonds on top of the ice cream.


Or buy your favorite gourmet vanilla ice cream or gelato. Then add the teriyaki almonds, called “I am Spirit”.

Order them online at http://www.cafegratitudestore.com/gf03-ta.html


To make the almonds at home: here’s the recipe from the “I am grateful” Cookbook by Terces Engelhart of Cafe Gratitude, one of my favorite places to eat, that totally raises the bar on health and consciousness with love and tastiness, with loads of reminders of how groovy you are and how much you have to be grateful for.

teriyaki almonds recipe
from the i am grateful (cafe gratitude) book

makes 3 c
2-1/2 c soaked almonds
1/3 well packed chopped dates
1/4 c nama shoyu
1-1/2 t chopped garlic
1 t finely minced ginger

rinse & drain soaked almonds
in food processor puree dates, shoyu, garlic, & ginger until smooth
toss the almonds in the paste till well coated
place almond mixture on teflex sheet, spread to a single layer
dehydrate 145 degrees for 1 hr, turn down to 115 & continue dehydrating till almonds form a skin, then flip over onto rack with grid sheet, peeling them off the teflex sheet…
continue to dehydrate until dry (ttl about 48 hrs)



one last thing…try this while you’re at it!

A second scoop of that delish vanilla with 1/4 cup of quality olive oil poured on top and then drizzled with a pinch or two of coarse sea salt. (Suggested Himalayan Sea Salt)

Need it direct?

AND have the luxury of being in San Francisco, order this dish ( GELATO WITH OLIVE OIL) at Beretta, another fave of mine…hip Mission restaurant meets Italian tapas pizzeria. ( I can’t believe I’m sharing this restaurant with the world. I’ll never get a table again…)

PARTY TIP: Beretta that serves until 1 AM, (yes, you read right…One A.M.) has some great private rooms downstairs for larger parties.

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