SOUPer cold outside

i love the bay area, but thi s micro climate can.bite sometimes. yeaterday was autumn crisp with warm rays of sunshine. today, oy, it is 54, overcast and damp cold. while lolli was chasing balls and dogs at the dog park, i was trying to.stay warm in my parka while i drank my oatmeal from my thermos. i know, the oatmeal doesnt sound too tantalizing, but it suffices today and best part came next. ready for lunch, semi barren fridge. its time for soup. i have some left over udon noodles and a small container of scraps of root veggies. on the counter in a bowl are the stems of the kale i cooked last night. here we go. in 15 minutes we have a piping hot miso udon with shitake mushrooms, root veggies, kale, wakame seaweed and cooked sprouted beans. (these have really come in handy since they store dry and cook in 10 minutes). here is a photo series to inspire. oh, by the way, remember that oatmeal i was drinking out of my thermos? well, i blended the leftover with the shitake mushroom broth in order to give the soup more body. scratch this into your culinary cortex: depending on how much oatmeal you use you can really get a creamy soup (or sauce) happenin’,sans cream



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