In Memoriam – Norma Ash


An appreciative audience: My biological family – yes, I’m adopted and this is my birth mom Adrienne (in red), her mom, my Yaya (in pink) and my half-brother, Ricky. We’ve been cultivating a relationship for 24 years now. Many adoptees don’t have the great fortune of creating a loving relationship with their biological families. I’m so lucky to have love in 3D from all my families.

On this day mid-July, I made “La Vida Loca” – a healthy taco menu of:

stewed pintos

raw tomatillos salsa

cabbage slaw

pickled red onions

My Yaya was on hospice care at the time of this meal – she passed away the following week – on July 31. I’m so grateful to have known her  and spent as much time with her as I did – taking bubble baths together, brushing her hair, reading, watching movies, and eating ice cream. She had such an appreciation for beauty and life’s sensual pleasures.

Yaya, I love you.


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