The Taste of Technicolor – Parsley Pesto Sauce Plus


Parsley Sauce is delicious. Raw. Bright. This Super Food is super good for you. 

When I was a kid, going to the Sizzler for dinner, I’d always eat the garnishes off the plate – kale & parsley. That was the only way it was served back then – as the throw away garnish. Dark leafy greens are like the tattered end table that has ended up as the million dollar discovery at the Antique Road Show. Jackpot!

(Do you know that the Kale Caesar salad from Market Hall in Rockridge is the most popular deli case item, selling for 12.99 per pound and it’s not even organic kale. Note: Please buy organic kale for you and your loved ones. Kale is one of the most highly toxic pesticide crops and is on the Dirty Dozen list to alert you to buy it organic.)

Back to our beloved parsley…

Sniffing around on the internet – there’s quite a lot of glamorous news about parsley – like it beats out kale in vitamin K (who knew?). And that it dates back to the Ancient Greeks, who used parsley to decorate  athletic victors as well as and to adorn the tombs of the deceased.
It’s a traditional element in the Jewish Passover Seder, signifying the bitterness that the Jews endured for so long as slaves in Egypt. Apart from haroset (made from apples, walnuts and honey), the parsley dipped in salt water is my favorite part of the meal.
Wait! Do you care about this prose – or do you just want your recipe?
I’d really like to know. 
Here’s the loot! Make good use of it. You deserve every drop. 

This parsley sauce is wonderful as a low fat dressing for grains or salsa on tacos.

As a quick, Indian Summer meal – I’ve poured it over black-eyed peas, with a side of sauerkraut. Since I also had a little jar of Stef’s Magic Carrot Sauce, I tossed in a splash of that too as an added flavor burst.
The below recipe is written by memory and approximations – until I make it again, this is the best I can offer as your starting point. Which in my opinion is the way you will be set free from recipes.
Try it – I bestow on you these Orgasmic Kitchen “5 Rules of the Road”:  
1 Bunch of Italian Parsley (you can use curley too but it can be more bitter), Rough chopped into thirds
Juice from one Lemon
1/3 cup Olive oil
1/4 C Water
Blend all ingredients on high for about 1-2 minutes, until if emulsifies.
It should look like a bright, light green creamy sauce.
If you want a more Parsley Pesto style sauce add to above and blend:
2 cloves of garlic
2 T white miso
1/4 cup raw or slightly roasted almonds
PRESTO PESTO TIME SAVER: Make a larger batch and freeze it. I like to freeze it in individual size portions 1. Pour the pesto sauce into an ice cube tray or muffin tin and place in freezer. 2. Once frozen, pop them out and store in a ziploc in the freezer until use.
In the photo you’ll see my homemade kraut of chioggia beet, cauliflower, napa cabbage, ginger and leek…fermented in my kitchen cupboard for 2 weeks.
There are tons of RAW sauerkrauts now available. Buy yourself a jar – the sour will satisfy beyond measure, while the probiotics heal your digestive track. Seriously. Go. Now. Get your kraut on.
Oh! and the black eyed peas – what I love about black eyed peas is that they don’t need pre-soaking, but still have the consistency of beans. So if you’re craving beans and in a time pinch, black eyed peas are your girl. Plus, I love that they are eaten traditionally on New Year’s Day – and in the spirit of renewal, I eat them any time of year with the intention of calling in the new.
NOTE: If you take nothing else from this prosaic parsley preso – ALWAYS cooks your beans & legumes with a 3″ strip of kombu seaweed. Promise me that. Will you?
BTW: The magic carrot sauce – well, sorry, can’t reveal the recipe – it’s seriously delicious & seriously top-secret. We will, however, consider creative offerings as barter for the recipe.