Meet Marcie

This is me and my dog, Lita. You might be wondering what does a dog have to do with Orgasmic Kitchen? 

I’ll tell you: Everything.


This little creature – she connects me to pleasure, to joy, to oxytocin, to being of service. She nourishes me. And I get nourished by nourishing her with homemade food and healthy dog treats and gobs of love.

She is my muse, my coach and my healer.

But here’s what I really want you to know. 

For the longest time, I wanted a dog. But wouldn’t let myself have one. 

I feared the time it would take. The money it would take. The sacrifices to my freedom. I searched for new home(s) for myself where I couldn’t have a dog. 

One night, a friend asked me a powerful question: “do you want a dog or do you just want to want a dog?” 

I sat there in the silence, choked up. I wept. 

I wanted a dog. 

And I realized in that moment, that I had been making outside issues, or people, the reason that I couldn’t have what I wanted. 

In high school, I excelled, in the arts, winning photography awards and getting commissions to shoots Hollywood portraits and events. In college, I continued studying photography, art history and dance; graduated from the University of California with honors, moved to Spain for 2 years. On the surface, I made things look hunky dory. The truth was: I was an emotional eater with an eating disorder. I drove myself crazy with indecision. Dated the wrong guys. Over scheduled. Overworked. I started a business as an actress, further supporting myself as a professional organizer and Feng Shui consultant. I rushed around and overextended to the point of accidents and a health crises, which left me deaf in my right ear. Fear crept in. I isolated. Hid. I said no to dreams, no to pleasure, no to support. 

Orgasmic Kitchen was born during my 2006-2008 residency at OneTaste, which in 2014 received Inc. 5000 Honors for Top Health companies, for it’s research in female orgasm. Orgasm was redefined- shifting it from a sexual climax and release, to a consciousness of the vast subtleties in our involuntary musculature.  It also became a metaphor for experiencing being tapped-in to the rhythms and flow of life’s energy.

It was at OneTaste, that I practiced OM (Orgasmic Meditation) 2-3 times per day to expand my capacity to experience pleasure, to stay connected and to stay present with sensation. It was there that I first directed kitchen operations, improvising menus with donated food, inventing recipes, and coaching volunteers who helped cook for 40 residents, many with special dietary needs. I also hosted a weekly podcast, produced by Susan Bratton of Personal Life Media, called Taste of Sex – Erotic Poetry Readings, available on iTunes. 

In 2008, I enrolled in a $20,000 year long coaching program with master coaches Bryan Franklin and Kane Minkus of California Leadership Center in partnership with OneTaste’s Nicole Daedone, author of Slow Sex

That same year, I was introduced to an approach to healing and lifestyle called macrobiotics by the author of The End of Medicine, Kaare Bursell, who became my first macrobiotic counselor, helping me heal a chronic kidney condition and inspire me to go on to study macrobiotics. 

Life is a giant cauldron.
What ingredients we put in, flavors our life.


I grew up in Los Angeles, on the edge of Koreatown in the 70’s. When I wasn’t slurping down Top Ramen or Kraft mac n cheese, or enjoying after school snacks of seaweed and rice at my korean friends’ homes, I had my hand in our family freezers, which were full of pleasure: Ice cream. Baked goods. 

My uncle owned the renowned Brown’s Victory Bakery, a Jewish bakery in North Hollywood. We were always well stocked with: Bagels, challah, onion rolls, cinnamon & chocolate babkas, rugulach. We were very popular, introducing many non-Jews to bagels, long before Noah’s and bagel chips. 

You know those Seinfeld episodes about the chocolate babka and the black and white cookies? Those stories of food obsession were inspired by and featured our family’s bakery goods.

 I “baked” my first apple pie in the fridge at age 4. My mom thinks I stuck it in the fridge because I was scared about what to do next…but I know I stuck it in there because I loved cold apple pie and since it was always served cold and had that thick cold goop, the fridge was the only place that made sense for the finishing touches. (Ummmm, not so fast, kid!)

If you consider that pie crust, 40 years ago, made out of salt, water and flour (the infamous homemade play dough recipe, no doubt), it was really the worst incarnation of an apple pie known to mankind.


I’ve come a long way since those early apple pie days: Catering my own events, publishing my recipes, teaching group and private cooking classes, leading cooking competitions with Executive Chef Events for clients such as Facebook, cooking at the George Oshawa Macrobiotic Summer Camp, acting as the resident healthy cooking consultant at Oakland’s The Food Mill, speaking for international conferences, auditioning for The Food Network, hosting my own weekly online live-video cooking show. 

And still
I cook for deeply personal reasons.

When I’m stressed.

When I’m sad.

When I’m tired.

When I need to express.



When I need healing. On all fronts.


It cheers me up. Charges me, changes me.

And I want to share this gift with you.

In my recipes, my coaching, my photos, my musings on life.

Expect most coaching to be based on this message,  which recently washed up in a bottle on the shore where I live: 

Our life is the creation of our mind.fullsizerender

Expect most recipes to be vegan, macrobiotically-based.

But don’t expect either all the time.

We’ll have fish, maybe even a turkey sandwich. I’m a flexitarian, a vegan who eats meat and dairy on occasion. When it makes sense, or just cuz I can and cuz I want to…and because I know my way back to the basics, steeped in healing foods and  connecting nutrition to pleasure.

Thank you for stopping by and allowing me to help you find your way.

Delish-Us-ly Yours,


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