Support your best self

 with this nourishing gift:

This is especially for you, if you are: overwhelmed feeding your family, pursuing a healthy lifestyle, dealing with food sensitivities and health conditions that no one can figure out,
or participating in a food program with a strict meal plan 

A Private Healthy Cooking Workshop

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featuring the Saladmaster non-toxic cooking system,
presented by
Plant-Based Macrobiotic Chef & Wellness Coach,
Marcie Prohofsky

To your health, Marcie


In this enlightening and educational workshop, discover healthy cooking methods, and latest innovations in cookware technology that can save you hours in the kitchen and triple the nutrient retention in your cooked food.

Learn how to:

  •  Save time in the kitchen so you can spend more free time for rest, family and other hobbies.
  •  Reduce the need for added fats in order to improve your overall health, brighten your complexion and lose weight. 
  •  Prepare healthy food kids (of all ages!) love so that you are the hero in the kitchen and can have peace of mind in doing right by your family. 
  •  Test your cookware for toxins and learn how your cookware may be compromising both your health and taste of your food.
  •  Save 70% of cooking energy so that your utility bills are reduced. 
  •  Maximize nutrition, and minimize heavy metal exposure, in cooked foods so that you enjoy smile-brimming flavors.

NOTE: If you live locally,

Dinner is on me!

Let me pack-up what we cook in the workshop for you to pick-up. 

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COST: Free, this is my gift to you ($250 value)
WHERE:  On Zoom
(also available in-person, privately or small groups of 4-8 people,
by special arrangement)
Questions:  Contact Marcie directly at 415-601-3693

Home-cooking just got simpler, healthier, and more delicious.

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