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Let’s face it – the world moves fast, life moves fast, and the Slow Food movement is a luxury when you have big visions that don’t include much time to do your own cooking, needless to say shopping and menu planning. 

I get it.Elena shot_floor w books 253

The thing is, most of the ready-made foods out there don’t take YOUR health nor the health of the planet into account and so are filled with excess salt, sugar, chemicals, pesticides and hormones, plus a host of vague & mysterious ingredients that don’t support you having great energy, looking your best and having that shine that makes you feel sexy and…orgasmic.


Are you ready for help in creating your own Orgasmic Kitchen?


  • learn how to cook by connecting the whole experience to pleasure
  • identify what foods and cookware are making you sick; and learn about nutrient-dense foods, cooking methods and the latest in cookware technology that will meet your health goals and save you time
  • receive powerful coaching from Marcie that will not only transform your confidence in the kitchen, but elevate how you engage in your bigger vision. 

Logo orgasmic kitchenReady to get cookin’?
Choose one or both of the following next steps:

1. To schedule a taste of coaching with Marcie, please contact me by clicking here now.

2. To attend or schedule your own free Healthy Pop-up Dinner & Nutrition Class, click here now.


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